Why fact checking is important, and how failing to do so can expose flaws in your personality

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If you’d like to skip to the “how failing to do so can expose flaws in your personality” part, head past that horizontal break down there.

I’ve been a major supporter of checking the facts on an article, story, or similar when one is presented to me or stumbled upon in my internet travels. This began no more than seven years ago, when my aunt would actually send me things that had been pre-checked through a website known as Snopeswhich is, well, a fact checking website. The first few times it was linked in e-mails to me, I hadn’t known whether or not it was some strange or dangerous website, but I quickly learned that it was a wonderful source for getting things straight.

After some time, (and for unknown reasons) future emails from my aunt would possess a disproportionately high bullshit to fact ratio, in the favor of bullshit. This is something else that I’ve learned over the years: middle aged and older folks seem to have this switch that flips in some point in their lives that causes them to believe the stupidest shit, whilst questioning and criticizing actual factual stuff. The Facebook posts (where I find most of these things) and images and whatnot I see range from hilariously stupid to outright embarrassing and/or insulting. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I have some sort of age bias (though I’m sure I do, to an extent) as I’ve found some really fucking dumb younger people on Facebook which can make me facepalm just as hard, if not harder than our elders.When an article from a shady looking political website comes across my News Feed with a few words thrown in by the person sharing about x, y & z,  I’ll occasionally head on over to Snopes directly or just Google it up a bit, and see if I can find the same “information” that’s in the article echoed on more reputable sites.

Other times, it’s not just ignorant sheeple spreading misinformation, but an article that could possibly be mistakenly seen as truth. I’d like to believe that I have a pretty strong BS detector, as I’ve been able to find fault in what others have shared far more often than the reverse, but [insert clichéd line about being imperfect like all humans].  Within just these past few days, I made a critical error in deciding whether or not to believe something I read. My god did it kill me. If the “goddamniti’msostupidhowthehelldidibelievethathindsightis20/20pleasepunchme” feeling was felt physically, I might’ve ended up in the hospital. This seems like a bit of an exaggeration, but believe me when I say I very rarely fall so hard for an untrue batch of information. I still cringe thinking about it.

The first thing I did wrong was I let my guard down. There’s a certain friend of mine on Facebook who’s awfully similar to me, and as such I’m more prone to trust what he shares and posts as valid and true. The second thing I did wrong was not question the source URL, despite taking a moment to look at it. The third and most damning thing I did wrong, was believe it, and the fourth was that I allowed the reaction of my friend to influence my reaction further towards anger.

I shan’t share the article here, because I don’t want to and because I’ll probably look like a dumbass to more people than I’d like to (but hey, at least I’m honest, right? right?). It went something to the tune of a certain well hated Republican by liberal folks such as myself, though if I remember correctly, I’m a “Left Libertarian” which is a good deal farther out than your run of the mill Democrat, and off the goddamn deep end to your run of the mill Republican. Anyway, in this article, it said that after a blunder by Stepehen Hawking regarding black holes, this individual said “This is exactly why we shouldn’t trust scientists” and that scientists and science should just be completely ignored. It wasn’t written that bluntly, but it was pretty close. It’s well known by those on the left (and obviously denied by the right) that the right is full of ignorant folk who don’t quite understand jackshit about science and the way things like the universe and global warming work, so let me tell you I was furious after this. I immediately shared the article with an angry rant and essentially shared along with it the sentiment that this bitch and assholes like this individual should simply not be allowed to breathe the same air as us more intelligent folk. I fumed about it for a bit, then moved on. A few minutes later, an old friend of mine comments, “that’s a satirical article.” Well, shit.

The embarrassment scorched me like a flamethrower. I felt so incredibly foolish and blushed so hard that Santa’s goddamn suit was jealous (the red part, obviously). I deleted that post as fast as I possibly could, and messaged the friend who pointed out this error and thanked him for letting me know how stupid I was. Then I went onto the friend who had shared the article in the first place, and expressed my dissatisfaction that he shared a false article and presented it as fact, but mostly dissatisfaction with myself for not checking to see whether or not this was true.

I learned two valuable things from this:

1. Check your goddamn facts.

2. Check your goddamn self.

I’m going to get number one out of the way because it’s simple and won’t be a rant. If you see someone share a picture saying something like “On February 29, 2015 the United States government will be raising the legal drinking age to 25”, the first thing you need to do is stop right the fuck there. There are only 28 days during February in 2015, dumbass. (Yes, this was a real thing). Second, why the hell would that even be announced exclusively through Facebook? Don’t you think everyone and their mother would be talking about it on the news, in the streets, at work and in school? Hell yeah they would. And just to be 100% certain, why not look into it yourself, especially if it’s something that matters to you? All you have to do is just Google it. For this particular example, if this was really going to happen, you’d find a link to a .gov website stating this information in your search results. If you’re not finding it, or at least something from maybe CNN, ABC, NBC, Al-Jazeera, BBC America, etc., then it’s probably not true. Please, for the love of God/Allah/Buddha/Zeus/Odin/Flying Spaghetti Monster use some common sense. And now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

Number two is quite important, but can be infinitely more difficult. This particular instance can speak volumes about what kind of person I might be, especially to those who could’ve seen what I shared and known that it was fake. How quickly and unfairly do I jump to conclusions based simply on a title so frivolous as their political party, that I’d question their sanity and intelligence? I’m disgusted by myself. I’ve found I’m actually one of the things I hate the most. I’m a hypocrite, and an asshole. I’ve always told myself and others to judge the person by who they are and their actions, and not because of what they look like or what they are. For fuck’s sake, they more or less teach us this shit in elementary school!

It’s tragic, it’s upsetting, and it’s downright shameful that I would be judgmental in such a way. Sure, it’s not as fundamentally wrong as hating someone because they’re black, and President of the U.S. (looking at you, asshole, usually White, and generally speaking Republicans), but it’s fucked up. And you see what I just did there? I expressed dislike towards a group of people, though I attempt to cover my bases mentally as well as verbally by remembering that it’s not always white people who hate Obama because of the aforementioned traits, and it’s not always Republicans that hate him for those reasons.

That’s a crucial part of trying to keep your character together. It’s fantastically easy to make sweeping generalizations about people/places/things (nouns?) based on one or two massive umbrellas. I think we all know personally or know of members of some of the following groups:

1. Hates all Christians because they’re ignorant bible thumping hypocrites (how I’ve struggled with that sometimes)

2. Hates all Muslims because they’re filthy terrorists.

3. Hates blacks for being theiving hood rat rapist murderers that look suspicious with hoodies on

4. Hates New York because everyone is somehow an asshole (looking at you, number of Pennsylvanians who feel this way)

5. Hates Asians for being chink/gook/japs that can’t drive and make cheap shit.

6. Hates Republicans for being Nazi, wealth whoring, education-phobic maniacs bent on ruining America.

7. Hates Democrats for being freeloading, frivolous spending, gun right revoking, muslim loving, ignorant maniacs bent on ruining America.

Yeah, a lot of those are racial biases, and I picked them because they’re so obvious and I’m too lazy to think of better ones, but I’m sure you get the idea.

My point is, think about what you think and say looks like to others. It’s easy to say “fuck what other people think” because it’s such a common message in our society. I see that shit on a regular basis. The thing is though, that’s just ignorance. You might say “fuck what other people think, because I got my shit together” yet you’re 19 years old still in high school getting blazed and smashed with your bros every night and knocking chicks up despite having already fucked up and got another chick pregnant. No dude, don’t disregard what other people think or say. They might be trying to help you get your shit together. Even this is a sort of sweeping generalization. Disregarding everyone because you think you’re the only thing that knows what’s up is ignorant and selfish. A better start would be “Let the haters hate”, and even then it can still be too broad. A parent giving you a hard time about your constant partying over education isn’t a hater. They’re looking out for you. A person giving you a hard time because “Only fags like —” is a hater (as well as several derogatory terms).

Just stop and think for god’s sake. Make use of that wonderful human exclusive ability to think introspectively and learn about yourself, from yourself. Nobody knows you better than you, though it can help if you’ve got someone who you trust who can be honestly critical when needed.

Judge individuals just as they are. Indvidually. There aren’t many cases where it’s safe to generalize, and when you do, you want to keep it as specific as possible. An example of a safe generalization? Westboro Baptist. Those people are scum of the earth.

The world isn’t black and white. It’s fifty+ shades of gray.

Wow, that was bad. I’m sorry. I’ll stop now.

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Killing for the Greater Good

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I’m going to pretend that it hasn’t been two years since I’ve posted here. Far too much has happened in that time for me to cover it in this post. Maybe in another one. Maybe not. Shoot for maybe not, because once thing that hasn’t changed is that I’m as lazy a bastard as I’ve ever been.

Anyway, when I was supposed to go to bed for work about a week ago, I did that thing that brains like to do when they’re supposed to be going to sleep which is think about random shit. I figured I’d just go on Reddit and look at some World War II shit, and go from there. This is what I ended up writing on Facebook after doing so.


So I’m going to post a rant here. It relates to killing for the greater good, and uses WW2 as an example. If you’re bored or like me enough to waste a few minutes reading through this, that’d be cool. Or skip it. That’s cool too. Anyway…

I was reading an AMA from someone who was writing for his grandfather, a former SS officer & spy, who even after all these years is completely unrepentant andtotally supports what they were doing. Oh, and he’s a holocaust denier. He believes the concept of the Holocaust was invented to discredit the flawless ideology of fasicsm.

Anyway, I was reading through the comments, and of course nuclear weapons and atrocities and the like had to be brought up. As far as the atrocities go, there were many commenters essentially (and literally) saying “Fuck your grandfather” for who he is and what he did and how he feels about it. So someone somewhat logically asked something to the effect of “Why would you shout obscenities and question a former Nazi, but not someone who, say, worked on the Manhattan Project and contributed to the most destructive weapons in history?”

Why? Because “it’s different” and for good reason. The Japanese (as pointed out by a few other commenters) were some of the most savage and barbaric motherfuckers in recent human history. Responsible for over 15 million + (up to 20 I’ve read) Chinese deaths, many of whom were raped and tortured. There was a unit of Japs that would perform experiments and such on victims (similar to some of what the Nazis did here and there) they would severely mistreat American captives, behead pilots, and even cannibalize our people.

Naturally, we had a tough time taking prisoners and treating them with respect seeing and knowing the shit they were doing to us. So of course we killed many unnecessarily. Of course we tortured some. It’s a natural reaction to the barbarism they committed against us and others.

Now for what I was really writing this about. I stumbled upon this comment, and it immediately reminded me of the helicarrier program (I can’t remember the actual name) that was featured in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Read this first:

“My grandfather worked on the Manhattan project as a junior physicist, and I once asked him if he felt bad for contributing to so much death and destruction. He remarked that despite the obvious destruction the bombs caused, they probably saved more lives than they cost. It effectively caused the Japanese to surrender, prolonging the war would have been much worse.”

Hopefully you know why I was reminded of the movie. One of the major points of moral conflict was whether to support or fight the program. As a refresher, the weapons and systems on the helicarriers were capable of targeting and killing some ridiculous number (was it in the low millions? Another bit I can’t remember) of people. Current criminals, known threats, and potential threats, in the same of protecting the world from future crimes and bloodshed. The council of S.H.I.E.L.D. and others were looking forward to being able to make such a dramatic and impactful change for the betterment of humanity. To put it simply, it was one of those “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

Upon first hearing about the plan (whilst watching the film of course), I was surprised by the devastating power, and sort of happily excited that something so “great” was being made and how it could change the world in all the right ways. Basically, I was just like those on the council. Then I quickly realized, it wasn’t all that great. Fury was talking to Cap about not just current criminals, but /potential/ criminals. That’s a whole ‘nother thing. Now because of this potential threat thing, it doesn’t make the perfect connection to WW II that I’m going to try to make, but the concept is there.

Most everyone watching (hopefully most people) should’ve been supporting Captain America’s fight against the idea of sacrificing so many innocent-till-proven-guilty people. Why?

1. Because he’s Captain America
2. Because Captain America knows better than anyone what true freedom is.
3. Because Captain America was part of “the Greatest Generation”
4. Because he’s the “good guy”

I do wonder how many people actually sat and tried to think the situation through for themselves. It really does sound amazing on paper, doesn’t it? Solving so many problems in a hail of gunfire (or whatever it is those carriers fire). A mosaic of death to be painted around the world, taking away our problems faster than anything in history ever could.

Now think about World War II. The Manhattan Project. We created the greatest and most terrible weapon ever. Period. There’s nothing before to compare it to, and nothing yet since. We’ll probably surpass it one day, but I’m not really in a rush to get there.

Also think about the firebombing of Tokyo too, if you want. That was even more devastating than the nuclear bombs. 100k dead in a day. No radiation required. Why did we do it? Why not fight the real “enemy” those who are actually attempting to end allied lives? Because by sacrificing the few, we save the many. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the war would’ve been much bloodier had we not done what we did towards the end. But to get to that early end, so many innocents had to die. So many who may have not given two shits about the war. So many who weren’t brainwashed by the Japanese government into thinking Americans were the worst thing to ever happen to them. Except, in the end, we were the worst thing. Slaughtering thousands upon thousands of women and children to save the lives of mostly grown men trained to kill.

The point of all this is — how is it that we as Americans in general can see the creation of the bomb as the greatest bad thing we’ve ever done and be so happy with the result that we’d happily volunteer other enemies/nations for the same fate when a “mere” film like Captain fucking America can effortlessly sway our opinions against ever killing for the greater good?

Just like I had hoped, I received a couple of comments and likes, which I’m going to share here, just to showcase the responses others had to what I said, for those who may care.







C –I believe in (real) life fear takes over our ability to think like educated and evolved people. 
I love the message in the movie Saw 5 (not the best horror movie, I know) because it shows what kind of monsters we humans really are. When it comes to saving our own lives we become so primal that we dismiss the possibility of working together and save all. 
Besides that, knowing a movie is fictional we’re more capable of reasoning right from wrong. A good sound track will also help a movie’s message 

R – C is mostly right. We, as humans, are very weak, no matter how strong we may appear, we tend to be devoured by our fears and revert back into the most basic instincts, namely: Kill or be Killed. Our will to survive is programmed into our DNA and when fear takes control we lose most reasoning abilities and act solely to save ourselves. You ask how we can easily be swayed, when it’s simple. We know nothing is at stake. We know and understand the severity and consequences. We know that there is never a reason to take the lives of the innocent. We are not consumed by our fears and primordial instincts to protect only ourselves at the cost of others. The horrible actions that mankind has taken throughout its history have been some of the most effective, albeit temporary, means to accomplishing peace. Seemingly, the more horrific and destructive the actions are, the likelier they are to be effective in whatever is hoped to be accomplished. While we are still a young race, we have learned many lessons from the tides of war and will continue to become a stronger, more rational, race. While we may be easily swayed in our judgment and morals, and while there will always be those who preach the effectiveness of destruction and fear, I believe there will come a time when peace and negotiations will replace destruction and war. That or we will destroy ourselves before we reach that goal.

Me –  Surprisingly detailed reply from you, R. You pretty much expanded on what C said, plus a few bits. Which is good. Generally speaking, I agree with it, but I don’t know how big a role fear really plays in every situation. Often times, the decision to do something “horrible” or devastating is made by a group of men who may be afraid of their foe are by no means remotely close to life-threatening harm. I believe such men are in greater control of rationality than those that you and especially C (with her Saw reference) are using as examples. Someone in saw is DEFINITELY in danger of being killed, and usually in a horrible way. I absolutely agree that fear is the primary motivator in such a situation, but not so much in controlled and calculated decisions.

As far as the populace being easily affected, I understand that there’s nothing at “steak” (as you put it lol) and that’ll definitely change our outlook on things. But for those who can either A. Get into it or B. Don’t feel fear so much as anything else towards an enemy (for example, assholes who’re just like “NUKE THOSE STUPID IRAQI/AFGHAN/KOREAN/IRANIAN/SAUDI ARABIAN/EGYPTIAN/RUSSIAN ASSHOLES!”

They may be somewhat afraid of them, but I highly doubt most of them are fearing for their life when making these statements, and they’re willing to sacrifice millions of innocents for ‘Murica.

R – I realise now I worded it wrong, or at least forgot to add this. Where there may not be direct danger to peoples lives, if they fear they have anything to lose that holds enough value to them, the results are the same. For those groups of men, all of their decisions tend to be based on self preservation(where I was going with the lives at stake). Unfortunately the only thing they are trying to preserve is usually their wallets.

Me –  I figure that a solid number of the aforementioned decision makers are well off/in a good enough position that even that might not be too heavily at stake. But of course, everything we’re talking about is hugely dependent on the circumstances of the situation. So yeah, I suppose we’re all right lol. 

Semi-unrelated, I have an old blog that I started with TJ a couple years ago. This should totally go there. It’s too good for Facebook.

As you can see, this is what reminded me that this blog existed and brought me back. If you read the main post and the comments, I commend you good sir/madam. I’m hoping I can think of more things to pour thoughts out about onto here so that at the very least I can come back to these old posts one day (like I’ve done with the previous posts) and use it as a glimpse into the mind I then-currently possessed.



Results Are IN!!

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Alright, I finally have the results of the Windows Benchmarks. Before I drop in the picture, let me throw in my PC specs:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2Ghz (stock speeds) w/ a Corsair H50 water cooler

Gigabyte MA770-UD3 v1.0 mobo


EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1GB Superclocked

Rosewill 650w power supply

Antec 1200 case

120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD & 1 TB Seagate Barracuda

23″ Acer X233H @ 1920×1080 & 19″ Westinghouse @ 1280×1024

And now, here are the results of the benchmark!


The benchmarks

As you can see, the reason XP lost is largely because it couldn’t perform many of the tests, hence the high number of losses. Waterfox isn’t supported on XP, and PCMark 7 just wouldn’t work. You will also notice that the difference between 7 & 8 was small at best in most cases.

Any questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Windows XP, 7 & 8 Release Preview Benchmarks Coming Soon!

July 20, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m conducting my own personal benchmarks of Windows XP, 7 & 8 RP. So far I’ve knocked off 7 & 8, and working sporadically on XP. Results will be up soonish. In the meantime, my system specs:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2Ghz (stock speeds) w/ a Corsair H50 water cooler

Gigabyte MA770-UD3 v1.0 mobo


EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1GB Superclocked

Rosewill 650w power supply

Antec 1200 case

120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD & 1 TB Seagate Barracuda

23″ Acer X233H @ 1920×1080 & 19″ Westinghouse @ 1280×1024


These specs will be listed again in the benchmark post for convenience.

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Pushing Religious Humor to its Limit

July 18, 2012 Leave a comment

So there’s a page on Facebook that I like. I won’t name it unless someone asks me to or I receive their permission to do so, but basically the page is usually pretty edgy humor. And by edgy I mean they go as far as to make 9/11 jokes, which can be quite offensive to some people. I don’t always appreciate the humor, but at the same time I know well enough to not get too “butthurt” about anything people say on the internet, (butthurt being another word for very offended) and flip out and act out on how offended I am. After all, they’re either making use of their twisted sense of humor or trying to troll people, which I understand like 95% of the time.

Anyway, on Sundays they used to have what they called “Atheist Sunday”. Being a weak atheist myself (not weak-minded, mind you…look into the term) I was naturally attracted to it. Most of the material either makes fun of Christianity (sometimes harshly) or just consists of images beating down religion with logic & science. Well I find myself enjoying some of these images and as a result share some of them on my Facebook Timeline. Whether or not they offend people is not really of my concern as my profile is clear about my beliefs and I go by the policy of “if I don’t like how much of a douchebag you are, or you think the same of me, then we simply don’t have to be friends.” A couple of people have been a bit irritated but I blow it off and keep going.

There was a particular picture I recently found humorous, a photo of a gay looking Jesus with a caption that read, “Gay Jesus Offends Christians.”

Gay Jesus Offending the shit outta Christians

I thought it was great because of the irony (used in right context?) The Bible is obviously against gays and there you have a gay looking Jesus, the protagonist of the overall story (or God…whatever…they’re supposed to be one anyway). The image makes itself obvious that it’s trying to piss people off by saying it offends Christians. Regardless, some people apparently can’t take the joke. Someone I know was quite offended by it and felt the need to go as far as to bring it to my attention via FB (Facebook) chat. He started off by saying that he doesn’t find it funny and that it’s offensive, even. I essentially kindly conveyed that I didn’t care how he felt about it. He continued to tell me that he was seriously offended. Like “how dare you mock my religion you sonuvabitch” offended (not actual words, just comparative level of offended-ness. Holding my ground, I told him that since it is my wall to post my opinion on, that’s just how it goes. I also proceeded to tell him that if he wanted to, he could go ahead and mock my beliefs, to which he replied “what beliefs do you even have”? To this I responded in a humanistic sort of way that people can be morally righteous without religion, that man is responsible for the future of man and it’s not in the hands of some invisible or other wordly/dimensional being along with some more detail about my beliefs that I don’t feel like getting into right now.

Obviously flustered by the fact that I was able to present an answer to him, he kind of quit the argument and said “we’re going to have a talk about this on *suchandsuchday*” and that “it’s going to be a long day” like he’s going to make my life a living Hell or something. Get it? living Hell? And there’s no Hell? Hah. I kill myself sometimes…..in video games.

The day we actually saw each other he took the five year old approach and gave me the cold shoulder instead of talking about it like a man or getting over it. Some weeks later I’ve now noticed he finally removed me from his friends list, probably due to me posting more Atheistic images in retaliation to piss him off even more. Sure that was a bit of a dick move, but like I said earlier, it’s my fuckin’ wall and I can do as a damn well please on it, (within the law, of course). And hey, it’s perfectly legal for me to further show my religious beliefs. Not very Buddhist of me but hey I’m just getting into the stuff. I’m actually a much nicer person when you aren’t an ignorant dick. Ask Elebreed.

In closing, what does everyone think about this? Can you take humor like this too far or is it just people being sensitive? I’d like to hear anyone’s thoughts on this. Well, almost anyone’s…lol

Until next time, I’ll be playing Diablo and throwing my precious life away on mundane shit. Peace.

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Terrribly Unmotivated — But I’m trying to make up for it

July 18, 2012 Leave a comment

with a story that I have regarding an experience at work. Yeah it’s been almost three months since my/our last post here which is completely unacceptable, not that I think anyone has ever found this blog or read it. But that’s beside the point of this I guess. What’s happened in three months? Well both me and Elebreed graduated from Delaware County Community College which I suppose is something worth noting. We both got our Associate’s (obviously) but in slightly different areas. While they were both Associate’s in Applied Science, mine was under PC Help Desk/Technical Support (as it was the closest I could get to my goal of being a computer repair fella), and Elebreed’s degree was for web development, also I’ve decided to make this a run on sentence.

In more recent news, I got a mysterious $700 check from the college which ended up getting me out of debt with my car insurance company and paying to get some work done on my car (rear shoes, hardware and wheel cylinders). I needed all that stuff because the cylinders were shot and thought it would be cool to leak brake fluid all over the place, thoroughly and unnecessarily lubricating something that’s not meant to be lubricated. I was to have the drums replaced too, but we couldn’t get them so I was like “fuck it.”

In other news, I’ve been playing the shit out of Diablo III since May 15th (also would’ve been my grandma’s 92nd birthday, R.I.P.) and have clocked a little over 200 hours in thus far with one Wizard who’s made it to Act I Inferno, just before the Butcher. I’ve stopped there not because I’m getting my ass kicked but because I got bored and wanted to start a new character so I made a Witch Doctor while Elebreed took a break from his Monk to roll a Demon Hunter with me.


In other other more recent recent news, I had a semi fat check (by my standards) and blew $242 or so on a gaming keyboard and mouse. I got the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, which is a very clicky and very awesome mechanical keyboard and totally not suggested if you plan on using it next to someone who’s trying to sleep, although it’s more quiet if you don’t “bottom” out the keys (something I haven’t learned to do yet).

And lastly, in other other other ongoing news, I’m reading into Buddhism as I was attracted to it by the journeys of one Andrew Bowen, who is this awesome guy who spent all of  last year converting from one religion to another in order to experience things from their point of view. You can check him out on beliefnet.com. Or do a Google search for “Project Conversion”. Highly suggested reading for the open-minded spiritual person or curious atheist/agnostic.

As for what’s going on in Elebreed’s life, well I’ll let him tell you about it himself. *Puts spotlight on Elebreed*


Oh and I almost forgot, I have a nice long post to make after this nice long post regarding a potentially controversial topic involving an experience I had with a co-worker regarding an image from the Internet. Stay tuned for that post coming up next.


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Hey, It’s A Flea Market

April 29, 2012 Leave a comment

DCCC (Wikipedia link on the college) flea market today. Arrived home with some good things.

  • Depeche Mode – Songs of Faith and Devotion (giving them a try, really)
  • A small stone cat.

… Well, that was a small haul. Nearly got Michael Jackson – Bad, but I believe this woman refused to sell me something at a past flea market. Opted not to grab it because, well, yeah. You just don’t do that.

…So I ended up stopping at a CD store (Goodies Disc Exchange, abusing their Sunday 4-for-10 and $1 off everything discounts). Got things from there.

  • Cypress Hill – Black Sunday
  • Cypress Hill – Skull & Bones
  • ZZ Top – Recycler
  • Scorpions – Face The Heat
  • Van Halen – 5150 (this completes the four cheap CDs)
  • Michael Jackson – Bad
  • The Clash – Give ‘Em Enough Rope

And a funny story behind those last two. I was originally going to get Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction. But hey, guess what, someone stole the fucking disc! Fortunately, the guy was generous and sold me the latter two for the price of the album I was going for. I figured “shit, why not, I’ll get what I was looking at earlier and try another new artist.” Actually, a few of the CDs were free due to excessive scratching… it works, I guess, considering that way he doesn’t have to worry about returns!

Oh, and I got the Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy vinyl for a dollar. Seriously, Best Buy was selling it this cheap?

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